We’re determined to prove critics of this great club wrong

Arsenal's Mikel Arteta.
Arsenal's Mikel Arteta.
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A LOT has been made about the length of time it is since Arsenal last won a trophy.

So, it (winning the FA Cup) would be a great turning point. It would be something else apart from the trophy as to what it can mean to the club, to the fans, to everyone.

I have not played in a Cup final, I had an opportunity with Everton, but injured my cruciate a few weeks before.

The history of the FA Cup in England is massive compared to Spain. I was very surprised with the atmosphere we got in the semi-final against Wigan Athletic, so I imagine how it is going to be like against Hull.

It is a great opportunity. It is great to be there. It is a big incentive to win.

I can’t sense any fear (about not having won a trophy for nine years). What I sense is a big determination.

The players can’t wait for the final to come and to be on that pitch. If it was different I would say that but it is not the case.

If Arsenal can win then it will end this talk of the length of time and those who have called the boss a “failure”.

If you analyse everything 
Arsene Wenger has done for the club, then if he is a failure I have a different opinion.

I don’t like it when someone criticises my team-mates, the staff, the manager or the club.

I say that because I see what he does every day to look after this club.

When they (the critics) are right maybe you can accept that everyone makes mistakes.

You can criticise the manager, whoever. But when it comes in a certain moment, and in a certain way, I don’t like it. Of course, when you win a trophy and you don’t win it is a very different matter.

With the history we have over the last nine years without any trophies at all, obviously it could be a great turning point for us to win the FA Cup final against Hull City on Saturday. That is our goal.