Leeds football team have £6,000 worth of cash, phones and watches stolen during match

An amateur football team have had nearly £6,000 worth of valuables taken after their dressing room was raided during a match.

Adel War Memorial Association's sports and social club

Whitkirk Wanderers were playing an away cup fixture against Leeds City FC at the home club's ground, which is part of the Adel War Memorial Association's sports and social club complex, last Saturday.

Nine-year-old girl leaves heartbreaking note to Leeds mum who left children alone in house while she partiedDuring the match, the away changing room was broken into and money, mobile phones and watches belonging to the Whitkirk players were taken.

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As the team had been planning a post-match night out, many of them had a large amount of cash among their possessions. They had been told that the dressing room would be locked during the game.

This is the extensive Leeds underground system that was never builtMost of the players are not able to claim back the cost of their stolen belongings on their insurance.

Whitkirk manager Sean Burton says the side have been shocked by the crime.

"The changing room was supposed to be locked. We had nearly £6,000 of goods taken and our public liability insurance won't cover it.

"Adel War Memorial Association is a massive facility and I know of a referee who had his car stolen while he was there once. When will it stop? It needs to be taken seriously."

Sean himself had a £500 watch taken and another player had to pay £1,000 to replace his mobile phone.

"We were all really upset. We'd actually won the match but we didn't go out that night.

"All of the stolen phones we tried to track had been turned off at 2.20pm. We didn't see anyone acting suspiciously but there are always so many people around the ground.

"The club have apologised but we want to know what action is being taken and that they're taking it seriously. We weren't warned not to leave valuables in those changing rooms, and I think we should have been."

West Yorkshire Police are investigating the theft. Anyone with any information should contact the force on 101 quoting crime reference number 13190086378.

Leeds City FC did not respond to a request for comment.