Dutch football fan collects almost 2500 shirts from across world and 30 Yorkshire teams including Leeds United and Huddersfield Town

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A Dutch football fan has amassed an incredible collection of over 2500 shirts - including from Yorkshire teams Leeds United and York City.

Arjan Wijngaard, 41, from Groningen in the Netherlands, has shirts from all over the world - with a special interest in green-white and British non league shirts.

Arjan Wijngaard with his collection

Arjan Wijngaard with his collection

Arjan searches globally for shirts that are not very common to find and now has an incredible collection of shirts from every corner of the map.

He started collecting the shirts in 1997 and attends at least five matches a season outside his home country.

Arjan believes he has over 30 shirts from across Yorkshire including

Arjan said: "My first shirt was an Everton one, I support them as well!

Arjan Wijngaard

Arjan Wijngaard

"I think I have over 30 from Yorkshire.

"Leeds Utd, York City, Bradford, Middlesborough, Huddersfield, Barnsley."

Arjan said his favourite shirt from Leeds United was the black jersey from the 2012-13 season.

He has nine shirts from across the seasons at Leeds United, but he selected the black one as the one he cherishes the most.

The black strip from 2012-13.

The black strip from 2012-13.

Arjan said: "The black one I have, I like totally black shirts as well!"

To visit Arjan's website where he showcases much of his collection, or to contact him to supply a shirt, click here.