How Leeds coach Hockaday bided his time between jobs

David Hockaday, left, with owner Massimo Cellino.
David Hockaday, left, with owner Massimo Cellino.
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DAVE HOCKADAY may have had eight months out of football before arriving at Leeds but he was far from idle.

“I spent my time learning,” reveals the former full-back.

“I went to various clubs, listening and learning. That is what you should do. No-one is too old to learn.

“I ended up at a couple of Championship clubs and League One clubs. I was there for quite a while and ended up seeing more than 100 games, at every level from Conference through to Championship and the Premier League.”

The Leeds United head coach explained: “I felt I needed to reacquaint myself with the scene. Find out the players that were coming through. Those that I knew of, I needed to know how they were doing. It was very useful.

“I also wanted to let people know I was still alive.”

Asked to name the clubs he visited, Hockaday replied: “The clubs were all over the country. North, south, east and west.

“You are never too old to learn and that is what I did. I opened myself up and was allowed to put sessions on.

“I also watched how others conducted their sessions. And I studied the feel and the vibe of how others manage players – how people play certain systems.

“But I was blessed with a lot of people who were willing to open their doors to me. They welcomed me in and I won’t forget that.

“They know who they are and I am grateful to them because they helped make those few months more enjoyable.”