How Leeds United's owners have increased their club's value since takeover compared to Brighton, Brentford, Leicester City, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Wolves and Manchester City bosses

Football ownership has become a hot topic in recent years but which Premier League custodian has improved their club the most?

By Ben McKenna
Friday, 24th June 2022, 11:53 am

In a bid to find out which owner in the English top-flight has had the most positive impact on their club, we looked at how the value of each squad has improved since every takeover.

It is no surprise that the likes of Brentford, Brighton and Brentford sit high on the list as their current owners have oversaw rises from League One to the Premier League.

Chelsea, Newcastle United, Southampton and Crystal Palace are not included in the list, as their respective owners have only taken control of each Premier League club within the last 12 months.

There are 11 billionaires in control of the 20 Premier League clubs as Manchester City have the richest owners in the division.

The owners of Arsenal, Aston Villa and Fulham are the second, third and fourth wealthiest owners in the Premier League.

Starting from the smallest percentage increase in squad value, here's how every Premier League owner has grown the value of their teams...

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