EFL make commitment to Championship clubs over Leeds United Spygate saga as they await Whites response

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey says that Leeds United's Spygate saga will be dealt with as "quickly as humanly possible" as he and his board await a formal response from the Whites.

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey makes commitment to Championship clubs.
EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey makes commitment to Championship clubs.

Bielsa’s admission that he had sent scouts to watch every Championship club train is being probed by the EFL and the Football Association following the incident which saw a member of his staff stopped by police outside Derby County’s training ground on January 10.

Eleven sides in United’s division have written to the EFL demanding a full investigation into Bielsa’s scouting methods and requesting the precise details of the occasions on which the Argentine dispatched scouts to observe them train.

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Bielsa met with FA officials on Monday to answer a series of questions.

EFL chief Harvey, who appeared on talkSport on Friday, says that the matter will be dealt with as soon as possible.

"The one commitment I am able to make to Leeds supporters, and indeed the supporters of others clubs, is that whatever outcome we’re going to get to, we’re going to get there as quickly as is humanly possible," Harvey told talkSPORT.

He added that Leeds were also yet to respond formally to questions over the incident despite Bielsa's impromptu press briefing over a week ago: “There was a complaint from Derby, there’s a complaint from 11 clubs.

"That complaint will have to be considered against the facts that they bring forward, the response that Leeds bring forward and the matter will be determined from there. On the basis that it’s still live today, that’s exactly where I leave this matter.

“The complaint has to go through a process. Both sides of any argument have got the equal right for their position to be heard. We’re not letting it drag on.

"It’s already well underway. We’re expecting a response shortly from Leeds and we will look to get the matter clarified and finalised for everyone as quickly as possible.

“It’s got to be determined against the rules to see where the independent panel will take any potential punishment. There’s no clarity that can be provided (by Harvey today), positive or negative. The action happened, it needs to be dealt with."

Harvey also revealed that following the incident a new rule could be put in place: "If the majority of clubs want to put in effectively an anti-espionage rule then there’s no reason why that can happen.”