The SHOCK final league table after simulating the 2019/20 Championship campaign on Football Manager 2020

Ahead of its November 19 release date, we've been test-driving Football Manager 2020, the latest edition in the sports-strategy series.

Where does each Championship team end up - according to Football Manager?

We put the popular video game into auto-pilot mode – and simulated the current Championship campaign. Click and scroll through the pages to see where each second-tier teams ranks:

P46 W10 D10 L26 GD-29 = 40 PTS

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P46 W12 D8 L26 GD-22 = 44 PTS
P46 W12 D11 L23 GD-27 = 47 PTS
P46 W11 D16 L19 GD-9 = 49 PTS
P46 W13 D12 L21 GD-15 = 51 PTS
P46 W13 D14 L19 GD-12 = 53 PTS
P46 W15 D8 L23 GD-9 = 53 PTS
P46 W13 D15 L18 GD-6 = 54 PTS
P46 W14 D15 L17 GD-1 = 57 PTS
P46 W18 D8 L20 GD-9 = 62 PTS
P46 W17 D11 L18 GD-2 = 62 PTS
P46 W17 D12 L17 GD+1 = 63 PTS
P46 W17 D12 L17 GD+3 = 63 PTS
P46 W17 D13 L16 GD-2 = 64 PTS
P46 W18 D15 L13 GD+9 = 69 PTS
P46 W20 D11 L15 GD+7 = 71 PTS
P46 W20 D11 L15 GD+15 = 71 PTS
P46 W20 D12 L14 GD+10 = 72 PTS
P46 W22 D9 L15 GD+15 = 75 PTS
P46 W21 D13 L12 GD+17 = 76 PTS
P46 W22 D11 L13 GD+14 = 77 PTS
P46 W22 D11 L13 GD+16 = 77 PTS
P46 W21 D15 L10 GD+10 = 78 PTS
P46 W25 D11 L10 GD+26 = 86 PTS