Let’s ease up on Cellino urges Leeds United legend Peter Lorimer

Massimo Cellino at Elland Road, Leeds
Massimo Cellino at Elland Road, Leeds
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LEEDS United legend Peter Lorimer has urged fans to cut owner Massimo Cellino some slack.

Lorimer, writing in the Yorkshire Evening Post, described the Elland Road boss as “a big football man”.

He says: “He’s interested in the players, he’s interested in the coaches, he’s interested in the performances and ultimately he’s interested in results.”

Lorimer adds: “I know opinion on Massimo is divided but I do feel he’s forever getting the rough end of the stick. Last week he was cleared of tax charges against him in Italy and it barely got a mention in any of the newspapers.

“If the case had gone against him then no doubt it would have been everywhere, headline news and talked about constantly. But it was a plus for him and people only seem interested when he loses. That’s more than a little unfair.

“Personally I think it’s a good thing when an owner wants to know what’s going on and wants to be involved. I’m not for one moment saying an owner should be picking the team but it’s pretty clear from what’s been said that Steve’s in control.”

Lorimer concludes that Cellino is unlikely to be selling the club any time soon.

He says: “If he was about to do so then I don’t think he’d have gone to QPR or Charlton and I don’t think he’d be going down to the dressing room if he didn’t actually care about the results or the performances.”