Peter Lorimer on Adam Pearson’s legacy at Leeds

Uwe Rosler and Adam Pearson. PIC: Simon Hulme
Uwe Rosler and Adam Pearson. PIC: Simon Hulme
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IT’S a real shame that Adam Pearson has left his position as executive director at Leeds United because I think everyone had responded well to him.

Things had definitely settled down and I think he’s done a smashing job.

Adam will always do a good job because he’s such a solid man and I wish him all the best, really.

I see Mr Cellino has said that the position has been left vacant for him. So after a bit of a break, he may come back, who knows?

I have got to say I was really surprised when I heard about Adam’s exit. When it came out after the Ipswich game, you thought at first it might be linked with that, but it was clearly something he had been thinking about for quite a while and now was the time to tell a few people.

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But when you think about the reasons, you look at Adam and he has his other responsibilities and was already with a rugby club before he came to Leeds. It is hard enough job running one club, let alone two. You can get away with doing it for a few months, but I do think that eventually, things catch up with you.

It’s okay at first, but doing two jobs can be a bit of a bind. He must have had a really full day and football on its own is a full-time job, especially at a club like Leeds.

Maybe it has affected Adam as well and he has got to think of his health long-term otherwise you can burn yourself out.

But from what we read, it was an amicable parting and both Adam and Mr Cellino have wished each other all the best.

Adam did a great job. For the chairman, he realised how the game operates here is different to his own country in Italy and he understood he had to take people on board as he realised he couldn’t do it all himself.

People have been brought in with experience to do the job and when people heard Adam had got the job, everyone was delighted. It was a forward step.

Although Adam has gone, there’s no reason why the structures can’t stay in place. As Adam said, the club is very stable now and the owner has spent a lot of money and cleared all the debts we had. The club is probably in the strongest position it has been for a few years now.

It’s healthy, but obviously you like top men to be running the show and I put Adam down as one of them.

Onto matters on the pitch and you have to say it’s been a very poor last two games for us.

We had 47,000 people watching our two matches against Brentford and Ipswich and what a time to get them all on board.

But, as we seem to do, we blew it.

The performances were not just ordinary, but below par. For me, they were very poor; I don’t know the reason for it.

The Ipswich game was poor and I honestly thought Saturday was even poorer. I don’t know if it was stage fright with a lot of new players...

When you come to Leeds United, there is great pressure and expectation and as well as playing, you must have the mental strength and courage to be able to handle that.

To be honest, it looked to me like two or three of them don’t have that strength.

We have had four home games this season now and we haven’t won one, with three draws and a defeat. Three points out of 12 at home is not good form at all. We really have to sort that out.

On Saturday, we had 25,000 in and the crowd were all in great form and up for it and there was a great feeling and the team just didn’t respond.

I am sure the coach will be concerned about that. To play for Leeds in comparison to clubs that a lot of the players have played for before brings a different kind of pressure.

Leeds fans have seen it all before and know what to expect and what they want.

I am afraid if the players don’t live up to that, they will take stick and you can’t defend them in the past two games when they just did not perform.

The frustrating thing is we had set up the two home games brilliantly by winning at Derby.

Everyone was on a high and thinking that if we could win these two home games or even get four points, we would be up in the top six or seven and, of course, we didn’t and we are in the bottom half now.

I do think with the way we are set up at the minute, we are probably more suited to playing better away from home when we can play on the break.

When teams come to us, we seem to struggle breaking them down.

Onto the weekend and MK Dons is a chance for us to get back on track on Saturday.

That said, it is the highest level they have ever been at and they do score a lot of goals, so we will have to be on our mettle to match them to get things back in order.

If we don’t, the pressure will come on again.

Uwe will obviously be disappointed with the last two games.

But I am also sure that he and his coaching staff will have found things out about his players, too.

When the pressure is on, players have to up their game and produce.

Some of the players won’t have played in front of 25,000 fans before and it’s a different challenge altogether for them.

Let’s hope Uwe can find those things out about the players, rectify it and get us back on course as soon as possible.