Paul Warne is in running as Rotherham United prepare to name new boss

Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart believes the club have 'good options' in terms of permanent managerial candidates '“ with interim-boss Paul Warne being a serious contender.

Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart.

United, whose relegation is likely to be confirmed this weekend, will announce their new full-time manager next Wednesday – the day after they host neighbours Sheffield Wednesday.

Stewart says the club hierarchy have spoken to “several parties” about the vacant position, with the stability and continuity provided by Warne representing a key consideration given that the Millers are looking for their seventh full-time manager in just under six years.

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Stewart told The Yorkshire Post: “We have had a bad, bad situation with managers and, sometimes, these managers are like salesmen and tell you want you want to hear.

“We are looking seriously at the next manager and Warney has got to be in it as he is the guy who has never been sacked and has been working with all the managers we have had over the last 10 years.

“We know the inside track on players and by Wednesday we will make an announcement as for the way forward.

“With the experience we have had with some of these ‘professional’ managers, they have come in and wanted to change the world.

“If the person (player they want) is not right in front of them, they want to get one out and another one in.

“If that fails, you sack the manager and then you have to start again. It has been that over eight and a half years.

“Going into next season, we are more prepared than we ever have been. But because of what has happened before we are treading carefully and taking our time (with the manager appointment).

“We have got good options. We will be putting those options on the table and will be announcing the way forward on Wednesday.”

On the specifics of the search, he added: “We have talked to certain parties and had time to do that as we did not rush into getting another manager.

“We know what the options are out there and we have had a young guy standing in and that all goes into the mix. We want to give the manager time to prepare and make sure he has got time to settle in, if it’s an outside source.

“If it’s an inside source, we carry on doing what we have been doing. We will make the necessary changes that we need to do.”