Shaymen on the right track under FC Halifax Town manager Jamie Fullarton

as FC Halifax Town manager Jamie Fullarton approaches his 50th league game in charge, he has plenty to be happy about.

FC Halifax Town Halifax manager Jamie Fullarton. Picture: Jim Fitton

His first year or so at the helm has seen the Shaymen make the move from part-time to full-time and upgrade the club’s training facilities markedly.

Tuesday night’s 3-0 victory over Barnet also lifted Halifax into the top half of the National League table. Typically, however, the ambitious Scot wants more.

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“It can be difficult, as the manager driving things, to step back and appreciate or even evaluate what steps have been taken,” said Fullarton, when asked by The Yorkshire Post about what strides have been taken under his charge.

“Your left hand is working hard to get performances, the right hand is working doubly hard to improve everything behind the scenes.

“Maybe that is a question for the chairman (David Bsomoworth) to answer. Or other members of staff. They can be a little bit more detached than me. But I do feel we have made great leaps and bounds on things behind the scenes.

“We have to work within constraints but I am determined to keep pushing those boundaries. I want more and I want things better and I want that yesterday. There is so much room for improvement.”

Fullarton’s 50th league game will come at home to Ebbsfleet United this Saturday. His side then travel to Barnet on Tuesday night and the 44-year-old is determined Halifax will maintain a run that has brought three wins in the last four games, plus seven clean sheets in eight outings.

Manager Jamie Fullarton: On the right track.

“Progression from where we were last year would be success to me this season,” he said. “That is on every level. There comes a point when you have to win games, as a manager and a team. That is the nature of the beast.

“But that is not enough. It is how you win games. That is what we are looking at. We are looking to win in a way and playing with a style that means we are continuing to improve. We are showing signs of it but we are striving to be even better.

“The key is this being a team effort. One thing I have noticed about this group is that when we have scored – and I know there have been a lot of 0-0s recently – every single one of them, apart from the goalkeeper, has gone to celebrate.

“It is something you expect but you would be surprised the number of clubs where it doesn’t happen, for whatever reason. That is not orchestrated by me, that is them.”