Chris Wilder: Sheffield United will plan for Europe when it's a possibility - it isn't yet

Chris Wilder is refusing to think about Sheffield United qualifying for Europe - just yet
Chris Wilder is refusing to think about Sheffield United qualifying for Europe - just yet
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You get the feeling Chris Wilder would quite happily ban the “E” word from Bramall Lane, but he admits there could come a stage where he has to plan for Sheffield United playing in Europe – just not yet.

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The Blades have consistently been around the Premier League's Europa League spots for a couple of months now, and started the weekend in sixth. That would be enough to qualify for a first continental campaign in the highly likely scenario of Manchester City beating Leicester City in the League Cup final, or of any of the end-of-season top four lifting the FA Cup.

No wonder Wilder gets asked about Europe in every press conference.

“Not thought about it,” he snapped back when asked again on Friday, ahead of Sunday's Premier League visit of Bournemouth. “It's not even entered my head, it’s grinding a result and going day in, day out. Keeping standards high and driving forward. If we’re in a position at the end of the season then we deal with it.”

He admits there may come a time when he does have to start thinking about how he will approach it – if he needs a bigger squad to deal with more matches, the possible rejigging of pre-season programmes and the revising of budgets – but not yet.

“It's only right we'd make preparations but that’d only happen when it’s a possibility,” he insisted. “There are 13 games left and loads of points to win or lose (39, to be exact). I don’t get ahead of myself and my players won’t either.

“I live in the present and understand the next game is the most important. We've already planned our pre-season in terms of games at home and where we're going in pre-season but of course we’d love to be able to adjust it. But we'll only talk about it if that situation gets closer.”

He might not want to talk about, but plenty of others do. There will be lots more mentions of the “E” word before it falls from Wilder's lips.