Chris Wilder should be 'embarrassed about his VAR rant' after Sheffield United lost to Newcastle United - Yorkshire Post Letters

Dean Henderson questions the decision to award Newcastle's second goal.
Dean Henderson questions the decision to award Newcastle's second goal.
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This letter was sent to The Yorkshire Post in response to the goal Sheffield United conceded against Newcastle United on Thursday night.

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I was very disappointed that a contributor to this normally sensible and excellent journal should stoop to describing as controversial the decision to award Newcastle's second goal by the VAR.

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder.

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder.

It did not need the fancy electronic analysis to show that the goal was valid. Instead, simply by looking at the cut lines on the pitch, it is clear that both players involved were onside at the correct times.

The decision made was the correct one. How is that controversial? Had the goal been disallowed, then that would have been controversial.

During the post match interviews, we were subject to what is best described as rant by the losing manager, Mr. Wilder, which I do hope that afterwards and when he has regained his composure he is embarrassed about. A man of his capabilities must by now have realised that it was his players who let him down and not the match officials.

The linesman did make an error raising his flag but for someone claiming so much experience in the game, Mr Wilder must surely remember the old maxim, continually drilled into every football mad youngster, of playing to the referee's whistle.

Neither your reporter, Mr Rayner, nor Mr Wilder did the game of football (and, in the case of the former, also the Yorkshire Post) any favours over this instance.

Yours faithfully,

R A Jackson


18, Goodwell Lea,