Quality of football is proof that we deserve to secure promotion

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I have enjoyed watching the Blades this season and I can’t say I have always said that over the last few years. Or probably decades!

It’s the best football I have seen here and I know of other former players who agree with me.

We have lost a few players and the results in the last month have not gone well for us but we still have this chance of getting promotion which, I believe, the club and the supporters thoroughly deserve.

It would be such a shame if... no, I am not even going to say that...I am confident that we are going to do it. We are going to win for a change! I think we will be the better team and make the chances.

We have all been to the last three play-off finals and, obviously, that worries you – but these runs have got to come to an end at some time. Barcelona’s came to an end this season. We must be positive.

I am not going to say we belong in the Championship because we don’t – we belong in the Premier League. A city this big, a club this big, it’s all geared up for Premier League football and, if we can just make it this year, who knows what next year brings? In two or three years we could be back in the big, big time.

I am a Londoner but I have been up here 40 years now. You get a love for the club and it becomes your life.

It has been difficult watching Sheffield Wednesday celebrate. It was really heart-breaking to see Wednesday go up on the final day. But I have nothing against ‘Wednesday-ites’, in fact a lot of the older generation come up to me and say how they enjoyed my play.

At the moment, they are in a different division to us. I am hoping we go up so that we have a fixture against them next season in the Championship. If we had gone up automatically, I would have been rooting for them in the play-offs.

I knew Danny Wilson would win over the supporters. I was there on his first day when the chairman invited some of the fans upstairs to have a question and answer session. He handled it very well and that’s how he has been all season.

You wouldn’t have thought they could have done it after events last season. It is basically the same players and they have played some excellent football.

We still have some very influential match-winning players and I just hope they perform on the day. We have Harry Maguire and Neill Collins at the back who have had a fantastic season and who throughly deserve to be Championship players at least. They will have to do their job on Saturday just like the other nine. I am sure they will.