Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder on meeting with top Premier League official - and what annoys him more than VAR

SHEFFIELD UNITED manager Chris Wilder has revealed that his biggest gripe when speaking with Premier League officials this week did not resolve around problematic issues surrounding Video Assistant Referee (VAR) - but simulation from players.

Chris Wilder.

Wilder and his staff members, alongside senior players Billy Sharp and Oliver Norwood, spoke with Premier League Head of Football Relations Simon Morgan earlier this week to discuss VAR, whose introduction to the top-flight in 2019-20 has been mired in controversy, with the Blades being on the receiving end of a number of unfortunate decisions.

This week, former Arsenal manager and Fifa's chief of global football development Arsene Wenger spoke about potential tweaks to the offside law next season in the light of the brouhaha surrounding VAR.

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Clarity for supporters remains Wilder's chief concern, but simulation - commonly referred to as diving - is his major issue with how to improve the game in the Premier League.

Wilder, whose side welcome Brighton on Saturday, said: "We’ve had Simon Morgan up from the Premier League to talk about VAR this week.

"The biggest thing for me, because it is not going to go away, is clarity for the supporters.

"If it is going to stay, then the big thing is these unbelievably tight decisions. The advantage should be given to attackers.

"In the meeting was myself and senior staff, Billy and Olly Norwood. We talked about it and our experiences.

"We have benefited from some and been on the receiving end of some as well. The meeting was open. The Premier League are a huge player in this and rightly so. "They were canvassing the opinion of players and staff. But I think it’s important to canvass the opinion of supporters as well, because they are the most important people in the game.

"I would say that changes are required and also clarity and education. I’ll stick my hand up to. I found out this week that Bournemouth’s goal hit the referee on the way through. It happened in Portugal as well.

"Because the ball didn’t change direction or give advantage. We have all got a view but education is important too.

"I talked about simulation to Simon too. That has possibly been the most disappointing aspect of our return to this brilliant division.

"I think it has been one of the most disappointing things for our supporters too, who have had to deal with it."