Swansea City v Huddersfield Town: Carlos Corberan instils decision-making flexibility into Terriers

Carlos Corberan has had the rare luxury of time on the Canalside training pitches this week to properly prepare his Huddersfield Town players for a trip to Swansea City but come 3pm, they will be on their own.

It is why he holds great store by players able to think through the problems created by the Championship’s contrasting styles.

“It’s about knowing how to face all the different moments of the game,” he says. “Last week we had to attack a team (Nottingham Forest) in a low block in the second half. Swansea are a pressing team so it’s going to be totally different.

“The improvement of the team always has to be about understanding different moments, whether you’re pressing against a line of three, or two centre-backs, against a team that uses their keeper (as a passing option) like Swansea or one that doesn’t.

Lewis O'Brien of Huddersfield Town has had to think on his feet under Carlos Corberan (Picture: John Early/Getty Images)

“In the game you have to be continually working to have a better quality structure and better quality performances.

“Some players understand, even if they don’t express it in words. When (Duane) Holmes came on on Saturday, without any extra information from the bench, he understood how to solve the different moments.

“Against a low block with no space between the lines, he made some good passes and some good decisions to break the lines. Against the low block you need to drive more than dribble before you pass the ball.

“If you pass too many times it makes the movement easier for the defenders.

Huddersfield Town manager Carlos Corberan gestures from the touchline (Picture: PA)

“At Blackpool, (Lewis) O’Brien was making the high press well from the left to make counter-attacks in the second half. At Sheffield United he understood the high-press moments very well.

“Some players feel more comfortable in some types of games than others but we want ours to feel comfortable in every type of game. It is a hard challenge.”

No midweek game has also been refreshing for Corberan.

“It’s necessary,” he says. “We needed to use it the best way we can to develop ideas.

“When you play many games in a row the level of stress is too high. Even if I don’t move from the bench I need to make a lot of decisions and you don’t have enough time to feel the previous game before you move into the next one. After a few games in a row, a break is very necessary for our minds and our bodies.”

Huddersfield will wear their navy kit today in response to complaints from the colour-blind community that the red numbers on their green change strip were very difficult to distinguish.