What the Leeds United fans are saying as Garry Monk edges closer to taking on managerial role

Leeds United supporters have backed the potential appointment of Garry Monk as the club's new manager - even though some seem surprised he would even be interested.

Garry Monk is firm favourite to take over at Leeds United.

Owner Massimo Cellino is looking to appoint his seventh manager since taking over the club, and many supporters took to Twitter last night to ask whether Monk really knew what he was doing in agreeing to work under the Italian at Elland Road.

Light-hearted banter also ranged from a conspiracy theory that Monk was being appointed due to his physical likeness to Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson, to those who suspected he might have taken a bump to the head.

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But behind the comedy was a more serious note of caution... if Monk is given the job, then he must also be given some time to get things right on the pitch.

The Scratching Shed ‏(@TSSLUFC) tweeted: "Hi Garry, welcome to #LUFC. I guess we'll start with the most obvious question... have you recently taken a blow to the head?" while Jonathan (‏@PaceAndStrength) added: "Who in their right mind would take the Leeds job? Garry Monk must be crazy. He'll be given 4 months and sacked once they go on a bad run" and Derek John (‏@DMG5654) wrote: "Garry Monk would be an excellent appointment for Leeds Utd. Then again, this IS Leeds Utd under Cellino. He deserves better than that."

So how long will Monk get to turn Leeds into a successful club? Some tweeters were not holding out much hope for a long reign.

EastStandUpper (‏@EastStandUpper) probably hit the nail on the head when it posted: "Note: Appointing Garry Monk isn't a positive step. Appointing Garry Monk and not sacking him before 2018 is. #lufc" while David James Cooper (‏@niceguyseeksu) added: "Whilst I will be happy if Garry monk is the manager we all know he will only get 6 months cos cellino will get rid like the others" and James McGuirk (‏@JamesMcGuirk86) wrote: "I actually feel sorry for Garry Monk if he takes the Leeds job. Cellino will ruin him, like the rest."

There were also two cheeky posts from Paddy Power and former Middlesbrough footballer Jan Aage Fjortoft, as well as one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time from Simon Kaiser.

Fans were full of support for departing manager Steve Evans.

Paddy Power tweeted: "To save time, Leeds United Chairman Massimo Cellino is expected to appoint and sack Garry Monk in the same press conference." while Fjortoft added: "What would be Breaking News at Leeds United: Leeds have not fired their manager."

Simon Kaiser (‏@curlywand) said: "Does MC think getting @Rickontour lookalike might help his popularity with the locals? Lufc #mot" suggesting that Monk's physical likeness to that of the Kaiser Chiefs front-man was, somehow, a ploy from Massimo Cellino to get in the fans' good books.

Last night the fans praised former manager Steve Evans for showing 'dignity' and thanked him for keeping the club in the Championship.

As news of Evans' departure broke on Tuesday evening, Whites supporters took to social media in support of the man who had been waiting anxiously for news ever since the season finished two weeks ago.

Fans were full of support for departing manager Steve Evans.

Evans' arrival at Leeds, following Uwe Rosler's departure, was hardly met with great overtures of delight, but it is fair to say that he managed to win over a fair majority of supporters in his time with the club.

Championship survival was clearly key, and while not everything was perfect during his time at Elland Road, supporters could see the passion and desire within the man leading their side.

Supporters group WACCOE were among those who took to Twitter to air their views as they appreciated the work of Evans... and, at the same time, had a dig at the club's ownership under Massimo Cellino.

"Like him or not Steve Evans did the job he was employed to do, shame that we can't apply the same judgement to club owners #LUFC #TTGM", they said.

Thoughts that were echoed by other supporters.

Henry J Walker, Tweeting under the username ‏@HenryJW1976, wrote: "Steve Evans - feel very sorry for him. He acted with great dignity and deserved to be treated much better! Good luck to him" while Andrew Knox (‏@aknox158) said: "Good luck to Steve Evans. Yet another manager treat horrendously by Cellino. #lufc #CellinoOut" and Darren (‏@Dazza25dj) added: "Not been a fan of Steve Evans in the past but the way Leeds have treated him is disgusting. Fair play to SE he has held his head high #LUFC"

Indeed, there has been plenty of sympathy for the way in which Evans was treated.

Paul (‏@PCWORLD89) wrote: "all the best big steve evans you done a good job and would of liked you to stay on" while Chris (‏@LuchaZombie) added "Yet another manager sacked, you deserved better #SteveEvans . Good luck in your next role. #LUFC #LeedsUnited" and Marka (‏@sparticuslufc7) said: "Steve Evans will be missed by a lot of lufc supporters . At least he had heart and passion . Best of luck mr Evans . And thank you"

So Leeds United fans may not have welcomed Evans to their club with open arms when he arrived... but it is fair to say the big scot went some way to winning them over.

James Brown (‏@jamesjamesbrown) perhaps said it best: "#SteveEvans was much much better than I thought he would be at #LUFC"