Why Rotherham United boss Paul Warne is no fan of the transfer window system

Rotherham United manager Paul Warne.
Rotherham United manager Paul Warne.
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ROTHERHAM UNITED manager Paul Warne has reiterated his view that the current transfer window system should be scrapped - and believes it produces more questions than answers and can restrict players' development.

The Millers chief was able to reflect on a sound winter window of business in January which saw him cover his squad bases with the arrivals of Hakeeb Adelakun and Josh Koroma alongside Curtis Tilt - to provide fresh options on the flanks and at centre-half.

In the opposite direction, Warne let squad players Julien Lamy, Jerry Yates, Jamie Proctor and Josh Kayode leave on loan to get some game-time, while Matt Palmer and Jake Hastie left the club.

But despite the League One leaders being 'in a good place' according to Warne, he remains firmly against the window system per se and says it encourages many clubs to stock-pile players, with it being particularly difficult to do business with teams in higher divisions, who are often reluctant to let players move out under the current system.

Warne, whose side welcome AFC Wimbledon on Saturday, said: "I would just get rid of it. All that is happening now is that it is getting worse.

"Clubs are stockpiling players for a 'what if'. You cannot have five wingers, just in case.

"If I had stockpiled Julien (Lamy) here, he might not kick a ball for four months and that is lunacy.

"That is the problem when you try and get loan players from teams above. They (higher divisions) ofteh think the same thing and have under-23s (sides) and don't have to manage players and they can stay in the under-23s and it doesn't affect the first team manager.

"They don't have to have players interest at heart and they can collect players. If you get rid of the window and have it like it was - I didn't think it was broke - if you do need a centre-half and have an injury crisis, you can go and get one.

"Now, you have to stockpile which puts more lower division clubs under financial strain. I don't say why this new system is better.

"We are in a good place. But we are lucky that we have not many injury issues at the moment and probably have got quality over quantity.

"I don't like quantity, I don't like having over 25, 26, 27 players as it is nearby impossible to keep them motivated and content.

"I run a small squad, at times it might like a bit thin and a high-risk strategy that might not work, but that is the way i want to do it."