YP Letters: Town in premier position to gain more wealth

From: Jean Lorriman, Penistone Road, Waterloo, Huddersfield.

Huddersfield Town's homecoming parade, but will Premier League football transform the town?

ALTHOUGH I could never be described as a football fan, I was overjoyed with Huddersfield Town’s promotion to the Premier League!

The scenes on Tuesday were a joy to behold with the statue of Sir Harold Wilson adorned with a scarf. How proud he would have been.

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There is much talk of the wealth Premier League football will bring to the town. I fervently hope so!

Walking through the Packhorse yesterday was appalling as, like the Market Hall, it gets emptier. We have lost some fine buildings in Huddersfield over the last 40 years. Marx’s buddy Friedrich Engels said “of all the Northern towns Huddersfield is by far the handsomest”. Wonder what he would make of Kirklees and the prospect of this large “handsome” town losing its A&E and hospital?

We still have some magnificent buildings in the town, especially if you look up and ignore the shop fronts on New Street.

Consequently, I hope the increase in the wealth of the town to be brought about by its promotion to the Premier league will bring about a much-needed change in its appearance of which our very own Premier could be proud!