Captain Hodgkinson could feature as Sheffield travel to face East Riding

SHEFFIELD captain Richard Hodgkinson is likely to field himself against East Riding in this Sunday’s Yorkshire Inter District Union fixture with the demands of top-class events vying for squad members’ attention.

Narrowly defeated last time out at Teesside after an opening win over Leeds, Sheffield’s line-up for the trip to Ganstead Park is still not certain.

“My job is always to get the strongest possible side and this week has been a good example of me having to keep half an eye on events elsewhere,” said Hodgkinson, a scratch player at Lindrick.

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“I’ve been looking at the Brabazon Trophy to see who’s doing what. Team selection can sometimes end up being a bit last minute. We have one or two lads featuring in the Brabazon who will be playing for us anyway, but there are others, like Joe Dean, who may decide they need a break.

“If any of the players who are playing the Brabazon, such as Joe, feels like playing for us then I will step down, but if they choose to take a break that’s fine too.”

Hodgkinson regards himself as fortunate that Sheffield have a strong squad ethic.

“We’ve a good nucleus of six, seven, maybe eight real regulars and where I’m lucky is that the lads who aren’t the hot-shot players, if one of the top players can play and I have to say ‘you’re not playing but we will need you when they can’t play’, they don’t take their bat home. They’re always happy to step in.

“These are players who are all the top player at their club and it’s nice they don’t get carried away with their own importance. They are a very easy bunch to work with.

“I think Joe Dean will want to rest as he will have more golf coming up shortly. I never put pressure on people like that as you have to respect where union golf lies in their priorities.”