How Yorkshire expertise helped open door to McIlroy’s major title

Nick Westby: What process do you go through with the players?

Steve McGregor: They come in and we look at their swing and try to scientifically quantify it and address any problems.

NW: Sounds complex, how is this achieved?

SM: It’s basically a 3D model of their swing and analysis of the forces they produce.

We put markers and pressure pads on their bodies and their muscles to see how their muscles react, how their bodies are balanced, where and how their feet are positioned.

Around that we generate and quantify what they are doing.

NW: So how many times do you do this?

SM: The golfer will swing the club say 10 times and it is the consistency of that swing that we can quantify. We analyse the data and make the adjustments.

NW: Is this something you do with the golfers every week?

SM: Not at all, it’s not that intensive. We run the main tests at the start, the middle and at the end of the year, and other than that they come to see us every six to eight weeks or I head out to see them at tournaments to work with them.

NW: Where does this happen?

SM: Well Sports Science Solutions was set up five years ago and has a registered office in Wetherby. But Rory, Lee and the other golfers on our books come up to our lab at Rudding Park, Harrogate.