Yorkshire golf: Alan Kelledy assists Paul Bettridge to third successive alliance win

Paul Bettridge and Alan Kelledy, winners of the Ripon City alliance.
Paul Bettridge and Alan Kelledy, winners of the Ripon City alliance.
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RIPON City’s Paul Bettridge won the Harrogate Union alliance around his home course – his third alliance win on the spin.

Each has come with a different partner, Alan Kelledy helping him to victory this time.

Playing in the final group, the pair came in with 43pts to tie with Andy Foster, the captain of Romanby, who had played with his son, Steve.

They had gone out early and topped the leaderboard alone for most of the day until Bettridge and Kelledy’s card was put in.

The pairs had identical back nine scores (21), but a back-six comparison saw the Ripon duo come out on top, 15-12.

The Fosters’ only blemish came on the 16th when they failed to score, and that cost them victory.

Forty two pairs were accommodated in a meeting that was well supported by players from the host club, who made up 20 per cent of the field.

Despite the blustery conditions, balls lost under leaves and – at times – blinding sunlight, results were excellent.

Five pairs scored 42 points, with Ripon City’s Mark Lorraine and Adrian Sloanes clinching third place with 23 points on the back nine, followed by Les Kitching and John Webster (Bedale), a count-back point behind.

The Knaresborough Alliance cancelled because of snow will be staged instead on Thursday, April 13 next year.