The Yorkshire Post says: Ryder Cup Brexit. The weekend we're all European

IT'S AN irony of timing that golf's Ryder Cup '“ one of the defining contests of sport '“ will be played out in Paris to a Brexit backdrop this weekend.

British (and European) golfer Justin Rose tees off on the first hole of the Ryder Cup.

This is the team event where America only had to turn up to win before Great Britain and Ireland joined forces with the rest of Europe and, specifically, a Spanish sporting matador by the name of Severiano Ballesteros in 1979.

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From then, the biennial battles between Europe and the United States have, thanks to the buccaneering Ballesteros and the legacy that he created, helped to take the sport to new levels of brilliance and competitiveness.

And, while the UK might be leaving the European Union in six months time, this country will always be an integral member of Europe, and even more so when it comes to this golfing event.

Graeme Bandeira's cartoon on Brexit and the Ryder Cup.