Hull City chief Ehab Allam calls on Tigers' fans to stop in-game protests

HULL CITY vice-chairman Ehab Allam has implored sections of the club's support to stop protesting against his family's ownership of the club '“ and has deemed some of their recent behaviour as '˜unacceptable.'

Jordan Smith among the sea of yellow balls during Hull City fan' protest during the game against Nottingham Forest. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

It comes after some Tigers fans threw balls on to the pitch in last month’s home defeat by Nottingham Forest after a protest march before kick-off – in anger at the ownership of the way in which the club is being run by Ehab and his father Assem.

Ehab reiterated that their desire to sell the club is still strong, but is seeking an “amnesty” from irate supporters until that materialises.

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He said in a statement: “I was saddened to see the reaction of some fans at the Nottingham Forest game and the impact that this had on our players and the performance that followed.

“Unfortunately, these are lasting effects that play on the minds of players, not knowing what to expect next at each game.

“I do feel this behaviour is totally unacceptable as it does not change the position between some fans and the owners.

“It just disrupts the enjoyment of the game for neutral fans.

“The players, head coach and his staff who have worked tirelessly during the week, need everyone’s support during these crucial 90-plus minutes.

PLEA: Hull City vice-chair Ehab Allam. Picture: Gerard Binkso

“There must therefore be a reaction from the club to avoid such further incidents spilling out on to the pitch, especially considering the common ground that we share with these same fans – namely Allam Out!”

The Egyptian family have endured a difficult relationshop with fans since taking over in 2010.

In 2013, Assem announced that they wanted to rebrand the club as Hull Tigers – to the consternation of many supporters – with the Football Association eventually blocking the move

Many fans were also unhappy with the club’s decision to scrap season tickets and concessions in place of a membership scheme in March 2016.

PLEA: Hull City vice-chair Ehab Allam. Picture: Gerard Binkso

In his statement, Ehab confirmed they will now be looking to reintroduce concessions for supporters.