Return of game-changer Colton Fretter hands boost to Sheffield Steelers

Colton Fretter
Colton Fretter
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‘Game-changing’ forward Colton Fretter will return for a third season with Sheffield Steelers.

The 34-year-old right winger spent most of last season sidelined through injury as the Steelers clinched a fifth Elite elague title, although he still managed 12 goals in 27 games.

“Colton Fretter is a game changer” said head coach Paul Thompson. “He can do things that others can’t. He is a special talent and I’m thrilled that he is back with us.

“We missed him last year, we missed his shot, a player that can do something from the outside.

“I’m excited at the thought of him being fully fit and playing at the top of his game. I see a hunger in eyes and a desire to be here in Sheffield

“The simple truth is that we are a better team with Colton Fretter in our shirt.”

As for Fretter, he has now completed his studies at the University of Sheffield – part of the package that enticed him over here – so will return in August concentrating purely on his hockey.

“I’ve loved the studying and can’t thank both the Steelers and the University enough for the fantastic opportunity,” said Fretter.

“But getting back to just playing hockey next year is something that excites me, the hockey routine I’ve missed.”