Isaac Mourier: We must get our '˜minds right' from the outset

Leeds Force's difficult start was key to our loss against London Lions last week '“ if you find yourself 17 points behind right out of the gates, it's always going to be an uphill battle.

Respected Leeds Force coach, Danny Nelson. PIC: Bruce Rollinson

We fought as hard as we could to cut the deficit in the remaining three quarters, but it’s always going to be difficult to overcome such a large gap against such a strong side.

It’s important that we’re all in the right frame of mind before each game.

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As a leader, I do all I can to make sure everyone’s engaged and focused on the task at hand.

Eric Curth continues to pick up points for Leeds Force. PIC: Bruce Rollinson

Ultimately, however, it’s down to the individual and they have to make sure they’re locked in and ready to fight from the moment the ball is tossed.

Every game is a challenge, and there have been plenty of close games that we’ve fought valiantly in.

I’m convinced that the wins will come provided we keep working hard.

We’ll approach each game with that mentality, no matter how tough our opponents might be or which city we’re playing in across the league.

Eric Curth continues to pick up points for Leeds Force. PIC: Bruce Rollinson

We’re always looking to add the right type of players here at Leeds Force, and our new signings have certainly shown the attitude and commitment we’re looking for.

They’ve shown a fierce amount of drive and commitment to succeed.

That level of effort is crucial and they’re fitting into our system incredibly well so far. The boost in numbers has definitely helped us improve.

Ten guys at practice means you can go five-on-five against each other – having a couple of extra heads is obviously going to be beneficial to our chances of success.

Coach Danny Nelson is a really great guy off the court, and he definitely has a strong vision for what Leeds Force can achieve in the coming seasons.

He has a lot of experience at a high level under his belt for a young coach, and he’s brought a lot of that insight with him to Leeds.

He has a humbleness about him, is very approachable and makes sure to keep an open dialogue amongst the team leaders which is very important to us.

Our next opponents, Worcester, might be playing in the BBL Cup final this weekend, but it doesn’t matter who we play, whether you’re top of the league or at the bottom we have the same mindset.

The moment you come into our arena and step on to our floor, you’re in our house, and we’ll be doing our best to protect it no matter the odds.

We have a really close group of players, which is surprising considering the high rate of turnover at Leeds Force over the last few months.

There’s a strong bond and a positive atmosphere around the place, we have great management who work hard for us, fantastic fans and Leeds is a brilliant city – I can’t complain really!

There’s no way I see us finishing at the bottom of the table; we’ve overcome a lot obstacles and there’s still a lot more to come from Leeds Force this season.

Reaching the playoffs may be tough, but we’re desperate to prove a point and prove ourselves in the BBL, so our only aim right now is to earn some wins and start moving up the standings.

That’s it for this week’s column, I’ll be back next week ahead of our crucial clash at home to Worcester Wolves at Carnegie Sports Arena (4pm).

We’re looking forward to your great support so we’ll see you there. #FeelTheForce

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