Local 'snow heroes' beat the weather

YORKSHIRE'S farmers and food and drink manufacturers have been praised for digging deep and coping with this month's challenging weather while larger retailers have struggled.

The record-low temperatures and heavy snowfall seen in recent weeks have meant that many supermarkets and convenience stores have struggled to keep up with the demand for milk and bread owing to cancelled deliveries.

However, a number of success stories have emerged around the region of how small-scale producers and food companies defied the elements to continue operating.

Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream Company, located high on a hill near to Huddersfield, was buried under three foot of snow but somehow managed to make sure that not a single customer missed out on their milk delivery.

Jeremy Holmes, owner, said the firm's milkmen "have provided an absolutely fantastic service and we're very grateful for their determination".

"Due to their hard work we've seen milk sales go up over 25 per cent in the last week alone," he said.

Deliciouslyorkshire, the campaigning arm of Yorkshire's regional food group, said it had received a host of 'snow hero' stories from its members who have gone the extra mile to make sure Yorkshire gets through the cold snap relatively unscathed.

Sheffield-based milk and ice cream company, Our Cow Molly, has also been working hard to meet the local demand for milk and during one single week managed to deliver to thousands of homes in the area, sometimes working through the night to process the milk in time to meet the unprecedented demand.

Owner of Our Cow Molly, Eddie Andrew, said: "This is our livelihood so we just get on with it, and we've never failed to deliver in 60 years.

"As a local business we are dedicated to the people of Sheffield and helping them during this difficult time in a way that a national chain never could be."

Other small farm shops like Cedarbarn Farm Shop and Cafe in Pickering were reported to be delivering produce door to door in their 4x4 to save people a trip out in the big freeze.

The deliciouslyorkshire's chief executive Jonathan Knight said that the stories of these firms' determination were proof of the value of sourcing locally produced food.

Market wins green award

THE Hovingham Village Market has been named the UK's greenest at an award ceremony this week.

The not-for-profit market was established just over 12 months ago and was this week crowned by the National Market Traders Federation, beating off strong competition from markets across the country.

Mark Woolley, chairman, said: "This award is real recognition for the fantastic success of the community's achievement."

The market, with over 40 stalls and held at Hovingham Village Hall, runs on the first Saturday of every month, except in January, with a special Christmas market being held today.

CW 18/12/10