Memories are clouded for hero Greenwood

Speak to any veteran of England’s World Cup-winning team and they will confess to having never watched a replay of that immortal night in Sydney.

While avoiding clips of key moments like Jonny Wilkinson’s decisive drop-goal, Jason Robinson’s try or Ben Kay’s dropped pass has proved impossible, there exists an overwhelming desire to let memories tell the story of November 22, 2003.

Among the 22 unwilling to relive events at the Telstra Stadium outside of their own thoughts is Will Greenwood, although inexplicably he struggles to recall the defining moment of his career.

“The more time that passes, the more we make up about it. As we get older we can’t remember what happened,” he said.

“I don’t remember much of the game and haven’t seen it back, just bits and bobs here and there. If I try to close my eyes and picture being on that pitch – not a clue.

“I don’t know why I haven’t watched it. For starters I don’t have the DVD so I’d have to watch it on Youtube. I know what my dad will buy me for Christmas now, though...

“Maybe if I watch it back I’m worried I’ll see I missed five tackles and dropped four passes. Maybe Ben Kay wasn’t the only plonker out there that night!

“I like to think I’m articulate when it comes to talking about the set up. But what’s amazing is if you ask me about the World Cup games themselves, I just couldn’t tell you.

“I remember the changing room after and the changing room before, but the actual games... nothing.”

Greenwood views the 2003 squad as a group of friends seeking to break new ground for England, driven by an iron will to succeed.

“Obviously that England team was a great side, but off the pitch the whole squad got on really well,” said Greenwood. “We were just a stubborn bunch who liked to win every game we played.”