Massa looking to follow the German model

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Felipe Massa has held up Germany as a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work and preparation.

Being Brazilian, Massa could arguably have expressed bitterness in light of his country’s 7-1 World Cup semi-final humiliation at the hands of Germany 11 days ago.

Instead, Massa believes much can be learned from the approach of the Germans, not just in football, but in many other disciplines.

“In the World Cup it was definitely a shame what happened,” assessed Massa.

“We got to the semi-final, and it’s not easy to do that in a World Cup, but we definitely didn’t play like we are supposed to play in that game, and the third-place play-off (a 3-0 defeat to Holland).

“I’m Brazilian, I love football, and having the World Cup at home was a great feeling, but what happened – this is sport.

“I can only hope we learn and improve, and not just in football but many different things Germany does very well. If you look at how Germany invest and prepare in sports, including Formula 1, go-karts etc so they have more drivers racing and have won more championships.

“In football the job they did there was amazing, with the preparation and the way they worked, so it’s something we need to learn from and improve.”