Diamond League set to have no spectators on resumption

World Athletics president Lord Coe has warned that the sport may have to be held behind closed doors when it returns.

Lord Coe: Closed doors message.

A host of events, not least the Olympic Games, have been wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic, but the Diamond League is slated to provisionally return in mid-August after a revised calendar was announced earlier this week.

But Coe says those 11 events are all likely to be held without spectators.

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“In the short-term we may have to compromise on that,” said Coe. “We can’t be oblivious or tin-eared to what we are being told by local communities and public health authorities.

“It may well mean that. I don’t think anybody is contemplating this as the ideal long-term solution - sport would wither on the vine quite quickly if that were the case.

“But that may well be a compromise we have to make in order to get the athletes back into competition, leagues finished, at least some kind of competition.”