Rob Marsden: Leeds Force show both sides of their character

This week might seem like a carbon copy to last week, but that is because our performances was almost exactly the same.

Rob Sandoval in action for Leeds Force
Rob Sandoval in action for Leeds Force

We hit the road last Friday to Worcester to take on the Wolves in their own back yard and we were confident we could play like we did to beat the London Lions.

The Wolves are a team of the same calibre as the Lions so if we can roll over London on their own court – surely we could do the same at Worcester.

That obviously wasn’t the case. We were so below par and even I don’t understand where these type of performances come from.

Rob Marsden has asked the fans to back Force in good voice again tonight.

How we can turn in a performance like we did on the road in the Copper Box to that performance in Worcester. It was night and day.

They put up almost double the points we did. Our defence was almost non-existent at times and that hurts to say because we work hard on our defence.

When seven opponents can score double-figure points you know something has gone wrong in your work.

We know first-hand how good Marek Klassen is, he was great for us last year, so in theory we should know his game.

Matt Newby, Leeds Force head coach

Maurice Walker just bulldozed us, it was such a frustrating night for us to go down there and simply be humiliated like that.

What makes that loss even harder to take is the fact we essentially did the same thing that the Wolves did to us, to Plymouth Raiders just two days later.

It was such a different display at the Carnegie Sports Arena, but it was the right display that we put in against the Raiders that earned us a 99-69 win.

It was just like last week when Cheshire beat us on the Friday and two days later we came good down in London.

Rob Marsden has asked the fans to back Force in good voice again tonight.

In one way it shows the character of the team. A lot of the younger members of the roster could have come into the Plymouth game dejected and low on confidence, which would have put us on track for another loss.

But credit it to them they had gotten Friday’s game out of their system and fully concentrated on putting things right at home.

We played the kind of basketball we expect Leeds Force to be playing. Fast and aggressive with the ball.

Plymouth are a really good side, they are playing in the BBL Trophy Cup Final in Glasgow on Sunday so they have to be a good side to be one game away from possible silverware.

Matt Newby, Leeds Force head coach

For us I think we need to be consistent with our performances now as it is coming to the crunch part of the season. We won’t give up on the play-offs until it is mathematically impossible so we need to go on a strong run.

So on the back of the Plymouth win we need to be consistent in our play and show how good we can be in every game we play. We are looking to do that against the Wolves on Friday night when they come to the Carnegie Sports Arena (7.30). After what they did to us last week we need to get back at them, and you that we are so much better than what we showed last week.

Everyone is itching to get on the court and put in a strong performance. We definitely won’t be conceding 100-plus points. We will be counting on your support to help us get over the line again. You were incredible against the Raiders.

I am not asking for the same level of noise, I want it louder! I know you can raise the roof and help us tame the Wolves.

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