Rob Marsden: Time off the court helps strengthen Leeds Force bond

It's been a quite week for us without having a game last weekend. It has been strange not being out on the court, playing competitive basketball.

Forces machine: Clayfell Harris is looking hungry  on and off the court  for Leeds Force. (Picture: Kieron Nevison)
Forces machine: Clayfell Harris is looking hungry  on and off the court  for Leeds Force. (Picture: Kieron Nevison)

I’ll be glad come Sunday when we are back in action against the Newcastle Eagles.

They might be unbeaten so far this season and sitting top of the table, but the way we have playing recently they will be in for a real test when they come down to Yorkshire.

Just because we haven’t had a game doesn’t mean we have been taking it lightly in training.

Coach Matt Newby has had us working hard on and off the court, working on new plays, watching tapes on ourselves so we can see what where we are going wrong.

We did get the odd day off to recuperate which for me came in nicely, so I can rest a bit and clear my head to get my game right.

Now I’m feeling good and ready to get back to my best and help the team push up the table – and that starts with the Newcastle Eagles on Sunday.

We have taken the lessons from Glasgow, the positives and the negatives.

We know we can take top teams down to the wire and we can raise our game to match such teams, which gives us real confidence.

Now we need to learn how to see out games. With two minutes to go against Glasgow we were close.

Over the week we have been spending a lot of time together as a roster and that will only benefit us as a team.

Jack Isenbarger has taken the time to be a tourist and go around parts of the country. I think he likes it here.

Clayfell Harris took on a food challenge where he demolished a huge burger in under 10 minutes and got it for free!

Nothing can get past him on the court recently and he’s taken that spirit off the court too. He is a machine!

The spirit in the camp has gone up a level which can only be a good thing. Our game is getting that bit sharper too.

We know where we are going to be on the court and where our individual strengths lie on the floor.

It’s coming to that part in the schedule where games will be coming thick and fast so this little break has given us time to sharpen up.

Most of these games will be on the road. So if you have the chance to come and follow us on the road then that will be great. You, the fans, don’t know quite how much you help us when you get going.

It gives us that rush.

Sometimes we miss that on our travels.

The Carnegie Sports Arena is becoming a tough place to come and if we can take that support on the road we will be feared more.

We all look forward to seeing you all on Sunday. #WeAreForce

Interview: Arif Ahmed