Still no sign of wealthy benefactor

Peter Hood
Peter Hood
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Bradford Bulls chairman Peter Hood will step aside if the crisis-torn club can attract new investment.

However, he maintains there have been no solid offers since news broke a week ago that they need £1m to stay in business.

“At the end of the day, all sport has to be paid for whether it’s Roman Abramovich at Chelsea or the Glazers with Manchester United,” he said.

“However, I don’t have a long queue outside my door of people wanting to invest in our club apart from our wonderful fans.

“It’s always been the case, certainly in the two decades I’ve been involved here, that there is no wealthy benefactor wanting to do that.

“But, as always, we’ll be ready, willing and able to speak to any credible personage who does.”

Former Bulls director Rowland Agar, however, believes the bid to find a principal investor has come six years too late.

Agar left the board 18 months ago due to personal business commitments but still owns an eighth of the club and is associate director.

He told the Yorkshire Post: “When Chris Caisley stood down as chairman (in 2006) he did so to give us an opportunity to try and find a major benefactor to take over.

“That never materialised but I don’t think we actively looked hard enough either at the time or since.

“Also, if we’d have sold season tickets at the correct prices and not as cheap as we did recently, we wouldn’t have been in this mess either.

“But, the top and bottom of it all is the game is simply not sustainable as a whole.

“Huddersfield, Catalan, London, Warrington and Wigan would all be in administration or bankrupt if their owners decided tomorrow they’d had enough and pulled out.

“So many clubs are operating at losses and, in my opinion, not enough of the TV money is getting to them.”