Cunningham keen on amateurs switch

ST HELENS legend Keiron Cunningham has played every season of Super League and is a firm advocate of plans to bring the amateur game in line with the professional side of the sport.

"I'm a long-time believer in kids especially switching to summer rugby," said the former Great Britain star.

"It's a no-brainer. Children often want to go on and become Super League players; we play in the summer and it makes sense they should too.

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"I've a 10-year old lad who plays and his side didn't have a game for about three weeks in a row back in January because of the bad weather.

"Games were constantly getting called off and that just discourages them.

"When they are played it's often in the wet and mud. No one wants to play in those conditions and it doesn't encourage good skills.

"I've played professionally in the winter and summer and know which I prefer and what's made me a better player.

"Switching has been great for the professional game and I'm sure it would be for juniors as well. The sooner it happens the better."