Dave Craven: Battle to secure Bulls’ future can be helped by success on the pitch

Odsal Stadium, home of Bradford Bulls.
Odsal Stadium, home of Bradford Bulls.
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IT WAS Mark Moore who admitted it was imperative that his regime got it right with Bradford Bulls.

It was “make or break” he said, as the once mighty club was fast losing its credibility amid ongoing financial fiascos, lurching from one administration to another.

It was “crucial” and so on and so on. Well, let’s hope that’s something else he has got wrong.

Barely a month later, and Moore and his cohorts had left Bradford in yet another catastrophic state.

It is difficult knowing who to point the finger of blame at as the club has been spiralling out of control for years following copious mismanagement.

Moore and co had only been in situ a matter of months but, realistically, they were rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

The war of words that erupted between him and the RFL about who was at fault for the deal going belly-up was tantamount to a schoolyard quarrel. Or maybe a marriage that ends in divorce.

Or both, perhaps, are to blame in some way with both wishing they had done some things differently. It seems attempting to buy the club with the club’s own money, however, which is what the RFL claim Moore tried to do, is a pretty spectacular coup if you can ever pull it off.

There was always question marks about whether, to give them their official title, Bradford Bulls 2014 Ltd had any real financial muscle and it appears they did not.

Of course, it was neither party that effectively put the business into administration this time around.

That was debenture owner Marc Green, who had come on board under previous owner Omar Khan, and who made the decision after a winding-up order from HMRC following an unpaid tax bill. He is just one of a number of protagonists in a sorry tale which has already seen some legal action taken and could, apparently, produce yet more.

But, that aside, will anyone come in and take on the Bulls again?

The belief is someone will, with the RFL, along with the administrator, in talks with three or four interested parties.

They hope to reach a conclusion by the end of next week and it is hoped a deal can be sorted to give Bradford another chance of redemption.

Expediency is certainly needed, to ease the minds of the players and staff at Odsal who have been through this too many times before.

But, equally so, it is vital that the right person, or persons, is identified.

Admittedly, given their parlous state, Bradford are in no position to be choosy.

But, undoubtedly, time and patience are now running out for them.

Richard Lamb, who had a bid turned down by the administrator just over a week ago before Moore and co uprooted, has very publicly stated his desire to re-enter talks.

The hospitality and marketing businessman has regularly been on Twitter discussing his plans.

Indeed, on Thursday, he went as far as asking: “If there are 3 things fans want from a new board what would they be? How would you want to be kept informed?”

London-based Lamb seems to believe he can make a deal happen and further tweeted: “Spent last couple days making sure plan is robust. Think it is. Weekend is massive. Next week few meetings!”

As with all such situations, it is hoped he is sincere and his offer does have strength; he indicated to the Yorkshire Post last week that he would still be interested even if Bradford are relegated.

The battle to ensure that does not happen starts, in essence, against London tomorrow.

That is when the players – and the city – of Bradford will no doubt remind everyone once more that it is all worth saving.