David Howes: Only time will tell if new system is correct

Leading Rugby League official David Howes at Headingley
Leading Rugby League official David Howes at Headingley
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I’m still not sure if it’s the right formula but you can’t knock it until it’s tried.

My main worry is that a side like Jimmy Lowes’s Bradford could put all their eggs in one basket and actually finish fourth in that middle tier.

Really, they should be promoted on that but instead they run the risk of losing in the 4th v 5th game – all of a sudden getting a Super League team – and seeing all that hard work undone. That worries me.

The simple one up, one down might still be the best option. Everyone knows where they are with that. But, again, we’ll have to wait and see just how 2015 pans out.

I think St Helens will win it again.

They’ve shown they can do it now and in Travis Burns they have signed a good pro’ who will help them get better from six.

When it comes to Man of Steel I’m going to follow the trend and go for Todd Carney.

If he enjoys himself at Catalans he is an outstanding player but hats off to whoever decided at the RFL that a £50,000 bond has to be paid if he steps out of line.

That’s a masterstroke as he’s got that hanging over him now and he knows he has to stay out of trouble. It could be just the incentive to make him perform. I also really like the look of Albert Kelly at Hull KR.

St Helens

Man of Steel: Todd Carney