Fixtures for Super 8s, the Qualifiers and Championship Shield

Fixtures for clubs in the Super 8s, Qualifiers and Championship Shield
Fixtures for clubs in the Super 8s, Qualifiers and Championship Shield
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Twelve Yorkshire clubs are involved in the Super 8s, Qualifiers and Championship Shield. Here is the full list of fixtures over the next two months.

Super League Super 8s

Fixtures for clubs in the Super 8s, Qualifiers and Championship Shield

Fixtures for clubs in the Super 8s, Qualifiers and Championship Shield


Aug 4: Warrington v St Helens 8.00pm*

Aug 5: Hull FC v Castleford 8.00pm*

Aug 5: Wigan v Wakefield 8.00pm

Aug 6: Catalans v Widnes 6.00pm*

Aug 11: Widnes v Hull FC 8.00pm*

Aug 12: Castleford Wigan 8.00pm

Aug 12: St Helens v Catalans 8.00pm*

Aug 14: Wakefield v Warrington 3.00pm

Aug 18: Hull FC v Catalans 8.00pm*

Aug 19: Wigan v St Helens 8.00pm*

Aug 20: Warrington v Castleford 2.00pm

Aug 21: Widnes v Wakefield 3.00pm


Sept 2: St Helens v Hull FC 8.00pm**

Sept 2: Wigan v Widnes 8.00pm**

Sept 3: Catalans v Warrington 6.00pm*

Sept 4: Castleford v Wakefield 3.30pm

Sept 9: Warrington v Widnes 8.00pm

Sept 9: Hull FC v Wigan 8.00pm

Sept 9: St Helens v Castleford 8.00pm

Sept 11: Wakefield v Catalans 3.00pm

Sept 16: Warrington v Wigan 8.00pm

Sept 17: Catalans v Castleford 6.00pm*

Sept 18: Widnes v St Helens 3.00pm

Sept 18: Wakefield v Hull FC 3.00pm

Sept 23: Hull FC v Warrington 8.00pm

Sept 23: St Helens v Wakefield 8.00pm

Sept 23: Wigan v Catalans 8.00pm

Sept 25: Castleford v Widnes 3.30pm

The Qualifiers Super 8s


Aug 6: Featherstone v Leeds 3.00pm*

Aug 6: Leigh v London Broncos 6.00pm

Aug 7: Salford v Huddersfield 3.00pm

Aug 7: Hull KR v Batley 3.00pm

Aug 12: Leeds v Hull KR 8.00pm

Aug 13: Leigh v Salford 3.00pm*

Aug 14: Huddersfield v Featherstone 3.00pm

Aug 14: London v Batley 3.00pm

Aug 19: Salford v Hull KR 8.00pm

Aug 20: London v Leeds 3.00pm*

Aug 21: Batley v Huddersfield 3.00pm

Aug 21: Featherstone v Leigh 3.00pm


Sept 2: Leeds v Salford 8.00pm

Sept 3: Hull KR v Leigh 3.00pm

Sept 4: Batley v Featherstone 3.00pm

Sept 4: Huddersfield v London 3.00pm

Sept 9: Leeds v Batley 8.00pm

Sept 10: Leigh v Huddersfield 3.00pm

Sept 11: Salford v Featherstone 3.00pm

Sept 11: London v Hull KR 3.00pm

Sept 17: Leigh v Batley 3.00pm

Sept 18: Salford v London 5.00pm

Sept 18: Featherstone v Hull KR 3.00pm

Sept 18: Huddersfield v Leeds 3.00pm

Sept 23: Leeds v Leigh 8.00pm

Sept 25: Batley v Salford 3.00pm

Sept 25: Hull KR v Huddersfield 3.00pm

Sept 25: London v Featherstone 3.00pm

Championship Shield


Aug 7: Whitehaven v Bradford 2.00pm

Aug 7: Dewsbury v Swinton 3.00pm

Aug 7: Halifax v Sheffield 3.00pm

Aug 7: Oldham v Workington 3.00pm

Aug 14: Bradford v Halifax 3.00pm

Aug 14: Sheffield v Whitehaven 3.00pm

Aug 14: Swinton v Oldham 3.00pm

Aug 14: Workington v Dewsbury 3.00pm

Aug 21: Bradford v Oldham 3.00pm

Aug 21: Halifax v Dewsbury 3.00pm

Aug 21: Sheffield v Swinton 3.00pm

Aug 21: Workington v Whitehaven 3.00pm

Aug 29: Whitehaven v Halifax 2.00pm

Aug 29: Dewsbury v Bradford 3.00pm

Aug 29: Oldham Sheffield 3.00pm

Aug 29: Swinton v Workington 3.00pm


Sept 4: Bradford v Swinton 3.00pm

Sept 4: Dewsbury v Whitehaven 3.00pm

Sept 4: Halifax Oldham 3.00pm

Sept 4: Sheffield v Workington 3.00pm

Sept 11: Oldham v Whitehaven 3.00pm

Sept 11: Sheffield v Dewsbury 3.00pm

Sept 11: Swinton v Halifax 3.00pm

Sept 11: Workington v Bradford 3.00pm

Sept 18: Whitehaven v Swinton 2.00pm

Sept 18: Bradford v Sheffield 3.00pm

Sept 18: Dewsbury v Oldham 3.00pm

Sept 18: Halifax v Workington 3.00pm

* denotes Sky match

** Super League Super 8s Sky selection will be made following the Challenge Cup semi-finals.

All fixtures are subject to change due to Sky Sports scheduling.