Hull KR: Justin Morgan

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I like the idea of Millennium Magic being held at the start of the season as it’s a great way of kicking things off.

However, we could maybe lobby our government to turn St Valentines Day – the Monday – into a Bank Holiday!

For fans from Hull, who have further to travel back from Cardiff than anyone else, it’s a bit of a hike and we’re the last match on the Sunday night.

That’s the only problem though and we’ve got to do our bit for the game. I think this, as round one of the comp, is a fine concept.

Obviously, we’re facing Hull and a lot of the talk is about the last match they played being that derby play-off win of ours at the KC. However, I think all that is irrelevant now.

It doesn’t have any bearing on how the teams will play come Sunday. Rich (Agar) has made some changes to his side and I have done to mine whether it be tactical or personnel so it’s a whole new game. It’s also important to remember we’ve got 26 matches to follow this one; don’t put it all into this because it’s a derby and have a hangover for the next month.

A lot of people are saying Huddersfield could be the team to watch this season and some are giving us praise too with the signings we’ve made.

I’ve got a lot of time for the way the Giants play and they’ve tracked a very similar path to us.

They’ve made some progress over the last couple of years and we have been happy with the progress we’ve made too but we do now genuinely need to grab on to the coat-tails of those who have been successful recently.

We’ll be aiming to do that in 2011 and I think our side has evolved enough to do that.

We’ve got some more depth in our squad. The bottom half of it is certainly much more experienced and we’re going in the right direction.

Blake Green is an exciting capture. First and foremost, he’s a genuine No 6. He is young, dynamic, very keen to make a mark for himself and has enough NRL experience to bring something to the table as well. You didn’t have to be Einstein to work out last year that a lot of our play went through Michael Dobson and this is going to give us the chance to have a little bit more variation and also tinker around with the way we set our team up.

I’m looking forward to that combination slowly building. Hopefully, it’ll hit the ground running come Sunday but it’s unlikely. Come the back end of the season, however, they’re going to be a lot better than they are February and March.

Hull have brought in Joe Westerman and Will Sharp who’s excellent in the back field, returns the ball exceptionally well and was a little bit under-rated at Harlequins.

That’s just two signings but that continuity to your team means you don’t have to go over old ground. That should be an advantage for them.

Hull have big aspirations too and it will be a hard game; they are always tough for us.

It’s the derby.