It’s time to embrace change to structure

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DONCASTER: Chief executive Carl Hall has backed the RFL’s restructuring proposal of a new two 12-team format which splits into three divisions mid-season – even though he knows his club might not initially be involved in the bold concept.

Super League and Championship clubs are mulling over three different ideas for changing the format of the competition in 2015.

The controversial ‘Option Three’ would see the top four Championship clubs at the midway point splinter into a new division formed with the bottom quartet of Super League outfits.

That division’s top four at the end of the campaign would then start the next term in Super League, offering Championship high-fliers such as Featherstone Rovers, Halifax and Sheffield Eagles a genuine chance of reaching the elite after years of restrictions enforced by the licensing process.

Currently sat 12th in the Championship, Doncaster would not even be included in the two-division format if it was introduced tomorrow but Hall does not see that as a negative for the South Yorkshire club.

“At least it gives us a clear pathway to the top and something for us to aim for,” he said.

“We were very fortunate to taste promotion (from Championship One) last season but if it stays as it is now we have hit a dead end as promotion is only through the licensing system and not performance on the field.

“There is some more work and discussions to be held with regards to finances but if we can get this across the line it will put a real buzz back in our sport which I feel has been missing since the loss of promotion and relegation.

“I also feel that this would have the broadcasters and sponsors queuing up which would only further enhance the sport’s profile.

“People should take off their rose-tinted glasses, embrace this change and don’t be afraid of it failing.

“We have all been saying that something needs changing in the game and this could be the answer.

“Once people get their heads around the new concept, I think it will prove to be exciting for the full season as every game will be vital.

“The middle eight will be, in my opinion, much more interesting than the first eight as every team will be battling to make the top four.”

Doncaster are in Northern Rail Cup action at York City Knights tomorrow.