Yorkshire golf: Lindrick's Andy Krawchuk aces twice in same round

LINDRICK'S 125-year history is rich in achievement and 70-year-old Andy Krawchuk has added to its wealth by pulling off a 67 million to one chance.

Andy Krawchuk holds up his seven-iron and five-wood, with which he scored two aces in the same round at Lindrick.

The 19-handicapper holed in one twice during the same round, aceing both the sixth and final holes.

“To hear those odds, it’s kind of mind-boggling,” said Krawchuk, who used a seven-iron at the 131-yard sixth and a five-wood at the 192-yard 18th.

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“I’ve been at that club over 20 years and it’s not an easy course.

“I’ve had two hole in ones before and to have one hole in one is quite exhilarating, but two in the same round...

“I am 19 handicap having gone up from 12 when I was playing a little bit more.

“At 19 I was ready to kill myself,” he laughed, “but now this has given me a reason to live.”

The Canadian-born player knew that he had hit a good shot on both occasions, particularly at the sixth.

“What is actually interesting is when you hit it and know that it’s going to be close,” he said. “I could feel it was a nice, proper shot.

“I took a five-wood out at the last and, again, it was a nice feel when I hit it and both my playing partners said, ‘Geez that was beautiful’.”

However, the bottom of the flag was not visible on either of the greens and it was only when he approached that he realised what might have occurred.

“One of my partners thought my shot at the last was long,” recalled Krawchuk, “but when I came up to the green I saw a pitchmark an inch or two before the cup and I said, ‘It’s impossible isn’t it?’. But one chap was outside the club having a smoke and he cheered.”

What made the feat even more noteworthy was that the sixth and 18th were the only par-3s in operation that day, giving Krawchuk a 100 per cent success rate at the short holes for that round.

News of his feat spread quickly and when he played in a club event at the weekend, two days later, he got the first taste of his newfound celebrity status.

“People were saying, ‘Don’t you get any more holes in one’,” he laughed, “but this is the beauty of golf, it really brings you back down to ground level quickly as I didn’t play anywhere nearly as well as I would have liked.”

Nevertheless, he was presented with a magnum of champagne on behalf of his fellow members to mark his achievement.

“Everyone seems to be proud of it,” he said, although he did add: “My wife just said, ‘What’s the big fuss?’”

Krawchuk only came to the game in his late forties, but his sense of pride in being a member of Lindrick is obvious.

“The club is my haven,” he said. “You are respected by your fellow members almost like family. Lindrick seems to gravitate around protecting its own. All for one and one for all.

“And our professional, John King, he’s one of the good guys. He’s got a lot of soul and he really believes in the game and I think you get a flavour of that when you visit Lindrick.”