Allusinlove: ‘Through the seven years we’ve been a band we have learned a lot about ourselves’

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It’s been a while. Allusinlove, formerly and notoriously known as allusondrugs, had taken some time off from the rough-and ready lifestyle handed to them on a plate after the success of their self-titled EP in 2012.

It’d been pretty quiet over at camp love, the rustlings of something new only just beginning to surface with the release of the formidable track All Good People in 2018.

This year, the Yorkshire rockers dropped a thriller of a debut album. Combining exactly what we loved about them pre-hiatus with all we hungered to learn about them upon their restoration, It’s Okay To Talk generates as many questions as it answers; the most prominent being where in God’s name can I catch these guys next?

We caught up with the band to talk all about their striking return to the limelight, and exactly how it feels to have such a warm welcome home.

You’ve just released It’s Okay To Talk – after a bit of a quiet patch before the release does it feel good to have such a warm welcome back?

Absolutely! The response to the album has been truly amazing. It’s good to be back in full force and it’s even better to be playing these songs live at some of the biggest show’s we’ve ever played as a band. We especially can’t wait for our next hometown show in Leeds at The Lending Room on September 28 – it’s the first time we’re going to be playing our album in full too!

The album feels like a natural progression for you, was this more organic development something you intended in the writing process?

With regards to the songs on our debut album it’s essentially a mix of old and new material. The newer material was naturally more mature because we’d grown up as musicians and our tastes and skills had evolved. We entered the studio sessions with a very open mind – we knew we were going to be working with Catherine Marks and Alan Moulder who are legendary people, so we wanted to let the experience dictate itself and learn as much as we could during the whole process. Everything felt completely natural and we just went with the flow every day!

Allusinlove have been through a bit of a rebirth, has this opened up new doors for you as a band?

It’s definitely opened up some doors. Part of it was simply just trying to avoid putting a barrier somewhere it didn’t need to be, to think someone who might like your music won’t get to hear it because of a word in a name is just dumb. We haven’t really avoided talking about the same topics as we did before, but through the seven years we’ve been a band we have learned a lot about ourselves and the world around us. Sometimes shining a light on some of the positivity in the world as well as the negativity is crucial for balance.

You returned with two pretty big festivals, Download and 2000 Trees, was this an opportunity for you guys to expand your fan base to a wider audience?

Absolutely! Every single show is a chance to get your music and message out to a potential fan; sometimes that moment during your 30 minutes on stage can impact someone’s life so positively that they’re inspired and give birth to even more creativity. 2000 Trees and Download are huge names and we’ve been lucky enough to be invited back to both. 2000 Trees is my favourite though, it has the best community.

You’re touring your debut album this year- after that is it back to writing and recording new material?

Yes! We are already beginning to fire out the bangers for some of the tracks and we are so excited for people to hear it. I mean we’re still excited about people hearing this debut album live, but we aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon – it’s a long way to the top!

Allusinlove return to Leeds on September 28 at The Library’s Lending Rooms.