Video: Rare Picasso turns up at Harrogate antiques fair

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If a priceless artwork is on your Christmas wishlist, then take your deep pockets down to Harrogate Showground this weekend.

A 1952 sketch by Pablo Picasso, entitled Hands and Birds could be yours for £40,000. Although not the most striking example of the great Spaniard’s work, the drawing is creating quite a stir at the Pavilions Antiques and Fine Art Fair, which runs until Sunday.

The rare Picasso, "Hands and Feet", dated 1952

The rare Picasso, "Hands and Feet", dated 1952

Duncan Phillips, organiser of the fair, said: “To find a genuine drawing by Picasso outside of a West End London gallery is unusual.

“It is a very good investment over the next 20 years.”

Slightly cheaper is a rare drawing by Cliff Wright of Harry Potter’s first meeting with the Hippogriff – a snip for discerning Muggles at a “mere” £8,500.