Review: Anchorman 2 (15)

Anchorman 2
Anchorman 2
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While Anchorman returning to the screen isn’t quite a story of the goose that laid the golden eggs, there are hints here that the producers should have left very well enough alone.

Ron Burgundy is back and he is as outrageous and brilliant as ever, as are his Channel 4 news team. Enormous fun is clearly being had by a cast who appear to want to enjoy rather than upstage each other’s performances. So what’s the problem? Producer Judd Apatow needs to rein it in.

While there are some clever darts aimed at a certain Australian media magnate in this latest instalment, the movie harks back a little too much to the first Anchorman, hoping to ride its coat-tails rather than stand on its own two feet. It means Steve Carrell, who stole the first movie in his role as Brick, has significant chunks of the movie handed to him this time around – it is much more fun watching him steal it in the progenitor. The political correctness dial gets turned up to 11 and it is a lot of fun, but judicious editing could have made this brilliant.