Review: Rough Night (15)

ROAD TRIP: Scarlett Johansson and friends in Rough Night.
ROAD TRIP: Scarlett Johansson and friends in Rough Night.
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A hen party spirals wildly out of control in director Lucia Aniello’s dark comedy, which was co-written by Paul W Downs.

Jess Thayer (Scarlett Johansson) is looking forward to walking down the aisle 
with her sweetheart Peter (Downs).

For her hen party, she spends a raucous, booze-fuelled weekend in Miami with her college pals Alice (Jillian Bell), Blair (Zoe Kravitz) and Frankie (Ilana Glazer), plus Jess’s Australian friend Pippa (Kate McKinnon). The five women dress to impress and hit the town, then make a rash decision to hire a stripper to give Jess the send-off she deserves.

Scotty (Ryan Cooper) arrives soon after and during his sensual performance, Alice leaps on top of him and accidentally kills Scotty.

Elation turns to panic as the five women formulate a plan of action.

They telephone Blair’s lawyer uncle, Jack (Peter Francis James), who tells them that they could face a 15-year prison term for moving the body.

The only way to avoid incarceration is to dispose of the body so Scotty is never found.

Jess and her girlfriends hurriedly conceive a plan to dump the stripper’s lifeless body in the ocean but they fail to notice a security camera on a neighbour’s house.

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