Review: The Knot (15)

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Noel Clarke received the Rising Star Award at the 2009 BAFTAS but there’s little about this new film that hints at quality.

In The Knot, directed by newcomer Jesse Alexander and co-written by Clarke, British cinema has hit a new low. Packed with male-female banter, sex gags, scatological humour and some lousy acting, it is bargain basement cinema at its worst. Mena Suvari should sack her agent for having to appear in what could be the worst UK film of the last few years, and Clarke’s cachet as a hip Brit lead has to come under scrutiny.

The plot revolves around the misadventures that befall a couple (Talulah Riley and Matthew McNulty) and their friends on their wedding day. Imagine all the clichés that infest wedding movies and you will find them in The Knot. To add insult to injury it’s stilted, poorly written and badly acted.

Mistaking coarseness for comedy, the storyline has an overbearing laddishness that augurs well for the curry and lager market but not for more discerning viewers or, crucially, for women. What is ostensibly a romcom is littered with none-too-subtle comments on homosexuality and religion, obsessive exes and the nature of love, devotion and betrayal.

It’s a lowest common denominator film and destined for a life in supermarket DVD bins. If this is the best Mr Clarke can do, then he should consider handing back his gong.