On the grapevine

A sharp-eyed reader noticed that the Marks and Spencer 25 per cent off offer doesn't necessarily mean that you get the best deal. The previous week's offer of a lower price, plus a six-bottle discount came in lower than a straight 25 per cent off.

Sadly all the supermarkets indulge in these offers which means that nothing actually has a real price any more, just what it is being offered at today. This really irritates me, I am thinking of asking a group of readers to monitor the prices of a range of wines in their local shops, and then we can see exactly how prices move. If you would like to be part of my price-spotting gang, a position which offers no pay and no expenses, just a reason to hang around the wine shelves of various shops, why not get in touch?

Wine and pie tasting

The newly launched wine merchant Yorkshire Vintners will be offering tasting samples and mince pies on Thursday and Friday (December 16 and 17) between 9am and 6.30pm at Sycamore Business Park, Ripon. Tel. 01765 601701.

Afternoon of history

Bill Laverick, who used to run the old Wine Rack shop in York, will talk about the History of Wine at Wiggington Recreation Hall on December 17 at 2pm. The cost is 1.50 and there will probably be a glass of wine too. Details: 01904 764688.

YP MAG 11/12/10