Pub of the Week: Weighton Whippet, Market Weighton

The Weighton Whippet, Market Weighton.
The Weighton Whippet, Market Weighton.
  • With Dave Lee
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I’ve always thought that the statue of Giant Bradley in the middle of Market Weighton looked unnecessarily glum. Certainly, being 7ft 9in tall can’t have been easy a couple of centuries ago, but he could at least have forced a grin while they carved him for posterity.

Well, now he has something to properly frown about as a new micro-pub has opened right in his eyeline and he can’t get off his plinth to go in to enjoy a pint, partly because he would be too big to get in the door.

The Weighton Whippet – named after the owner’s dog – offers three regularly rotated cask ales and at least a dozen ciders. They currently have nothing more to eat than crisps or nuts, but there are plans to fix that.

It’s not big, there’s room for about 10 standing and 20 seated, on some rather natty custom-made, Jenga-esque stools, so it’s going to get very cosy on busy nights. Whether there will be many of those depends on the locals of the town. The Goodmanham Arms a couple of miles up the road aside, it’s not a crowd that is used to being offered decent drink options and the transition from clicky-pump lager to well-kept local ales may prove a slow one.

I hope they do make the jump. Market Weighton needs a decent place to drink and the Whippet provides just that. At the moment, it’s a part-time pursuit (check their Facebook page for opening times) but it deserves to be discovered and supported so it can operate on a full-time permanent basis.

• The Weighton Whippet, 70 Market Place, Market Weighton, YO43 3AW. 01482 847113.