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Stage review: We Will Rock You - Leeds Grand Theatre

Producers never miss the opportunity to make a quick quid. So it was hardly surprising that after the phenomenal success of the recent movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the biopic of Freddie Mercury and Queen, producers saw the opportunity to strike whilst the proverbial iron was hot and put out a tour of We Will Rock You.

John Barrowman's new tour comes to Harrogate and Sheffield.

From Hollywood to Harrogate - John Barrowman talks about his career as he hits the road with a festive tour

Perhaps it is entirely appropriate that John Barrowman’s introduction to live stage performance was when (he reckons that he’d have been around seven or eight years old) he was taken to a performance of Peter Pan in one of Glasgow’s gloriously traditional theatres, and he was completely bowled over at the spectacle of the eponymous hero flying over his head as he sat in the auditorium.
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