Helen Dean at the exhibition on the life of Sir Herbert Read. Picture by Simon Hulme

Lost life of an incidental anarchist

He was an essential part of a Yorkshire triumvirate that included the sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, and he is among the 16 Great War poets commemorated in Westminster Abbey – yet outside the Howardian Hills that he loved, the name of Sir Herbert Read is scarcely spoken.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher greets fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, wearing a t-shirt with a nuclear missile protest message, at 10 Downing Street, where she hosted a reception for British Fashion Week designers.

Protests they wanted to get off their chest

Her signature style was a wool suit by Aquascutum, with shoulder pads and matching handbag – so Margaret Thatcher would have been surprised to see herself as a centrepiece in an exhibition devoted to the history of the T-shirt.

Chatsworth's �32m restoration is its biggest in 200 years

Chatsworth’s secret history revealed by a hole in the wall

Many a householder has hacked away a bit of post-war “modernisation” to reveal a stunningly intact vintage fireplace beneath the plasterboard, but it’s a phenomenon usually associated with Victorian terraces – not one of England’s most magnificent stately homes.

Lawrence Ross with the statue of Thomas Chippendale in Otley

Why Thomas Chippendale is part of the furniture in Otley

He was not yet 20 when he dragged his ball and claw feet out of Otley in search of the bright lights of York and then London, but the town of Thomas Chippendale’s birth is not letting the absence of any of his furniture there interfere with its plans to celebrate his 300th anniversary.

A man tests a new Go Ape night-time zipline experience that will form part of the Dark Skies Festival

Twinkle little stars

The nights are not only getting shorter in February but also harder to see – especially in urban areas where light pollution and the phenomenon of Urban Sky Glow makes the universe seem less dark than it really is.

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