REVIEW: Jack Savoretti, Hull Bonus Arena

Jack Savoretti
Jack Savoretti
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AROUND halfway through his concert at Hull Bonus Arena, Jack Savoretti offers a sort of apology that all but one of his songs are about him saying ‘sorry.’

By the end of a thrilling set, though, it’s the appreciative sell-out crowd that are sorry. Because it can’t go on any longer.

As Savoretti rightly says, everyone knows what his love songs are about.

However, when sung in his distinctive, rasping style, with such charm and casual swagger, backed by a quality band, it becomes quite clear why he has become such a star.

London-born Savoretti - who has Italian, German and Polish heritage - has seen his current album Singing to Strangers become his first No1 at the sixth attempt.

This is the last show of that tour and, from the off, it is clear he is ready to sign off in style, kicking straight into Candlelight and Love Is On The Line.

Dying For Your Love and Better Off Without Me are some of those that follow.

The heartfelt What More Can I Do - the one song, he explains, that is about his wife being sorry rather than him - highlights his vocal depth once more before he delivers another classic for the "old faces" in the crowd: When We Were Lovers.

The band takes a rest as Savoretti brings just violinist Phillip Granell up front for a wonderful Soldier’s Eyes.

Catapult goes down well but the biggest crowd response arguably is for Greatest Mistake and there's some cool guitar-playing in before The Other Side Of Love.

For the encore, there's some more storytelling from Savoretti as he regales a sweet story about his five-year-old daughter as the genesis of Singing to Strangers.

And, fittingly, everyone is on stage, including tour production staff, to take the final bow as a widely-acclaimed tour came to its end.

The only downside? Kylie Minogue did not fly in for a special guest appearance to sing Music’s Too Sad Without You.

But Savoretti - at the top of his game - clearly does not have to apologise for that...